Just like the old days

Taking off from KSFO airport trying to get a good shot at this.
Playing single player.
Airplane is a B737-700.
With roam free mode.
at noon
what device ipad (1st generation) ipad version 10.2.2 Model A1219
infinite flight version V18.05.0
(extra i added a edit to it)


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I love how IF is improving but sometimes I reminisce about these days too

*Cough *Cough KNUC

Great post!

He had the required information.


It is his fancy way to tell him he doesn’t like the picture

Not when he first posted it.

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Awesome photo!

The scenery looks very… Green

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Is it possible to use pre global still?

I see, thanks for clearing it up.

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no this is a old infinite flight game

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i have a old version i need to update to IOS 12 or 11

Um the first iPad’s last iOS update was iOS 5.1.1

my dad change his old ipad update with his pc and put it to ios 10