Just... let’s not (stealing photos)

In my opinion, you should always be asking permission.


As far as I know this is alright

I see the main purpose of doing so is to gain likes and attention by claiming photos that are not yours to be your own. It’s really sad to see said measures go this far.


you would have to ask the person unless they say that their work can be used with credit given

It’s ok to like use them for backgrounds and stuff right, I use some for iPad backgrounds and keep the watermark

I would say for making events, yes

Of course that’s for your phone

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Yeah I think that’s ok, but just like @anon38496261 said, it’s just better to ask the owner,

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If you use the photos for personal use (like wallpaper or profile pic) its fine. If you publicly post it or share it then its copyright i think

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You don’t need to ask the owner of the photo if you can use it as a wallpaper on your device.


If there is no copyright, you cannot do much. If there is you may literally have to pay.

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One of the photos iv’e posted on here, i found the same image on Instagram. I dont mind if someone uses it as a screensaver without my permission or something near that but they said for the caption “Taken by me as i just visited Las Vegas!” I took down the post but here was the stolen image

For anyone reading, it’s never okay to plagiarize. Please ask for permission to use or at least give credit!


Sometimes, this really ticks me off. This video explains why
74 gears video.

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That is a nice photo. 👍


One thing, that’s very rare, does happen.

But as long as people give the proper credits, and say its not theres, whenever i’ve linked a video or something, i specifically say its not mine and belongs to the rightful owner. Copyright is not something to mess with and laws are different everywhere. And can result in some punishment. But stealing photos and claiming their yours, if you do it to the wrong person, you can end up with a punishment. Anyway my common sense. Everyone be smart.


very legal stuff


I saw someone of IFC post this and say that got this photo. I mean at least try smh


You gotta look at the copyright info people. Public domain, private use, and so much more. It could get you into lots of trouble if you plagiarize (call things your own), or don’t credit the owner.

Normally, you’ll be fine if you credit the owner and say “not mine, this is from So n’ So” And link where you found it from.

Just use common sense, don’t steal other people’s work.


Everybody, I would like to apologize for doing this. I don’t know what I was thinking. I know it is a very bad thing. Now I know to never take photos from anybody and claim them as mine.


Hey, I completely understand. Takes a good person to admit to their mistakes, and I commend you for that. All’s forgiven. 😉