Just... let’s not (stealing photos)

Hey everybody

If you think it’s cool or funny stealing other people’s pictures as your own, you can probably get in deeper trouble than you think. I’m talking deep legal stuff.

It’s never okay to use other people’s property without their written permission.

This is just a nice reminder that we’re on to you people. We will notice.

That is all :)

this can be closed if necessary but I thought it’d be cool to have people see


Just like on Instagram when other people steal other plane spotters pictures. I certainly don’t like when people steal my pictures and I’m sure everyone else doesn’t like it either. There’s a reason why me and a lot of other spotters put watermarks on our stuff


Wdym by stealing photos. Saving it to your camera roll? Or posting it elsewhere? Because I do sometimes save some photos to my camera roll

While I agree with the idea in this post (plagiarism is bad), I feel like this is one of those things that is a given. Don’t steal content and claim that it’s your own. I don’t think this deserves a topic as it’s pure common sense. An equivalent would be to make a topic about how posting content about other flight sims on this forum is bad. It’s also a given but doesn’t warrant its own topic in my opinion.


That clearly some people don’t have as in the past week we have had two spotting topics of people stealing pictures from others.

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Pictures from Infinite Flight?

Pictures from JP, Airlines, YouTube videos etc of Real World Aviation pictures

No pics from JetPhotos stuff like that.

There has been an increase in people saving things from JetPhotos, cropping out the watermark, and showing it as their own on IFC. I think it’s time we addressed that.

Luckily I don’t ever post photos for this reason. But I will say that is very uncool. What sucks is unless you copyright or patent it there is not much you can do.

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Totally agree with what Alaska096 said here.

This takes place a lot in the planespotting community, and it’s not right.

If you want to re post/share it publicly a photo, just ask for permission.

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I crop it out but I don’t credit it as my own.

I use an iPhone. And they don’t take great pictures

If you steal photos, you deserve a suspension in my opinion.


You crop out the watermark?

Probably shouldn’t do that…

A person’s picture is their legal property. You don’t even need to have a photo be legally copyrighted as their own (which you rarely should ever have to do). Regardless, you should never take or use something that’s not your own without the owners permission, even digital content like photos. I 100% agree with you @anon38496261

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In my mind pictures are property so if you steal a photo than you technically are steal property if the picture does not belong to you.


I didn’t know this was a problem but now that I do that makes me angy.


Let’s say you don’t ask someone But you do give them credit. Is that ok?

when seeing #real-world-aviation:spotting please everyone use https://tineye.com/. This site is safe and very efficent, free and secure. It helps stop the spread of fake photos

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