Just landed. What aircraft is this? Someone help me.

Just landed in EGSS, and I saw this 747 and was wondering who it was owned by and what the registration was?

Can someone help me and I’m sorry for the photo quality. The aircraft was going pretty fast ;)


Looks like a 747-SP… I’ll do some looking.


definitely a 747SP. specifically that is the SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy)

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Looks like it’s the plane for the royal family of Oman. :)


AIRCRAFT has been found. It is a Omán royal flight

Thank you so much

Ah you beat me to it. Nice work Nathan ;D


She’s quite old – 39 years to be exact. Nice find! 😉


Darn, I was off finding a photo of it, and ya beat me to it. Good work @Nathan. It is a pretty nifty plane to see

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Sure is, especially when I didn’t look at arrivals in advance. I just landed was recording a video and then that appeared

You flew Ryanair I suppose, what was the registration of the plane? (Yours)

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EasyJet. A319. U23254

Oh okay. I thought it was Ryanair but i was wrong.

thats a 747SP its a shorter version of 747 it also used in NASA SOFIA

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Its belongs to our majesty royal flight… A40-SO B747 SP, The Sultan of Oman

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