Just Joined :)

Hello Everyone. I just recently joined the IF community. I was deciding to join or not but I made my decision. I’m gald to be a part of the community 😀 So here is a beautiful screenshot I took earlier while flying VFR with the B787-10


Nice photo! @ViperSlam and welcome to the community

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Welcome to the IFC! Hope you enjoy it here!

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That’s beautiful! I love it!

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Hello! Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community. Please have a browse through some of the topics below. These are guides that will help flourish your experience here. There is also information created by the community and moderators that will help you understand how this forum works.

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Good photo,Welcome to the community! I am sure you will enjoy it.


Beautiful photos and welcome to the community @ViperSlam


Amazing photo! Love sunsets 😍

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Me too. Their very peaceful :)


Welcome to the community, @ViperSlam!

Glad to have you here, we look forward to your active contributions! And that is one amazing photo, keep it up!