Just ignore it like before

Just ignore it …

Hello everyone !
I’m sure you’re curious why I’ve chosen this headline. The actual reason is reality.
I’m talking about the Boeing C-17 Globemaster.
It’s such a cool aircraft in real life but in Infinite Flight you can’t even convince yourself to press on its name. What I’m absolutely not trying to say is that the devs ignore it ! The devs are doing a very hard and good job. The people I want to convince supporting it are YOU !
The statistic shows that most of the IF users fly commercial aircraft (including me) but the reason why they do so is because there aren’t any cool military aircraft. We just have the A-10 ans the KC-10 (without live cockpit) which are both in good conditions but the rest (especially the C-17,F/A-18, F-22, F-16C) is absolutely not enjoyable. To be honest, programming fighter jets is a huge task, whereas programming military cargo aircraft is just like a “normal” commercial aircraft, maybe with a feature like aerial refueling. Just think of all the cool new features we could get. I really hope to see a C-17 rework in the near future and maybe something like an A400M, C295 or a C-5M later.
There is a high chance that many more users will start flying military aircraft more often when they see that it can also be fun.

Now let’s go on to the pictures :)

Error: graphics available?

Detailed cargo hold.

Cleared for takeoff with this stunning live cockpit.

Jokes aside: I tried to take some better shots, too.



Just think about it and always remember:
The C-17 doesn’t even have a trash cockpit.



The C-17 deserves a rework


Absolutely, I would say it‘s the worst aircraft in IF.


Military planes would be the hardest for a rework since their cockpits would have classified things in it and also nice moonshot


Best cockpit out there, the 777 cockpit cries seing this


heck the 757 cockpit is also crying


C-17 cockpits, and other military transport aircraft dont necessarily have classified things. You can probably step into the cockpit of a c-17 or a400 at any military airshow


Just look at those modern screens

A turned off cockpit in the future might genuinely look like this


Yea true but they may have removed the classified things and turned it off

Yeah I just fly it sometimes because of the shortage of aircraft without pro sub, and also bc I’m pretty sure I’m one of the biggest military fans out here


I dont think C-17s even have armaments, much less anything super secret. If they need defense on a route, they get a fighter escort. Also, just wondering, what are you thinking of when you say classified things.

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The cockpit some of the screens are classified

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I’m pretty sure they have flares and chaffs, but that’s pretty much it

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Yes, i know, but what do you mean by that. what is classified

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Yea the C-17 isn’t the F22 heck i think you could just buy it from Boeing if you want. And have the money.


The screens are just the attitude and systems screen

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That’s classified


A C-17 is just a Cargo aircraft that serves military purposes.

That needs a rework in IF

I can understand your point but the devs also start to bring new detailed features like the cockpit windows which can be opened in the new 757. The military cockpits might be a bit different and complex but I‘m sure it wouldn‘t be too much.

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Yes the c-17 is super classified US AIR FORCE C-17 | EPIC Tactical Takeoff, Descent and Landing | Cockpit view - YouTube