Just hit my 100th hours flying in Infinite flight

Today, 15th of March 2020 I have concluded my 49th landing with a flight from Denver to Phoenix which had a flight time of 1 hour and 27 minutes that time helped me reached my 100th hour flying inside Infinite flight, it has been a wonderful time flying for the past year, I am about to do a flight which will be my last one as a grade 2, which I can’t wait to do. Thank you all.


Congratulations 🥳

Congrats! Here’s to 100 more 🥂

If you want I cloud do a #live:groupflights to celebrate that !🥳

Did you mean March 15th? Or are you in a different timezone?


Yeah I’ve just seen that… 🤨😂

Oh shoot sorry, I thought it was a still Saturday sorry for the inconvenience 😬

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No worries 😉

Congrats I have hit 2600 but 100 is a special number imo

So yes or no 🙃

Me I’m at 245h ☹️

Just do long flights overnight

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Like Dubai to Los Angeles

But I live in Canada and it’s 10:48 am

Now that’s a great accomplishment, congrats!

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Well if the Covid-19 cancels something for you then that’s a opportunity.

Congratulations 🎉! Before you fly in ES, don’t forget to check #tutorials

Sure! Why not

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Yes sir, will do!

Ok I’m gonna create one from NZAA to WSSS