Just got told to call Schipol Tower while in UK region?

Forgive me for putting this in the wrong category but could this be some of the effects of the Alpha testing?

As the title says, I just got told by ATC to contact Schipol Tower of said frequency while in the UK region.

Are you on the expert server?

TS1. Would it make a difference?

Yes it does. You need to fly on the expert server for a more realistic experience. The training server is for those who want practice.


You’re in the training server it would never happen on expert.


The Amsterdam, Paris, and London Regions are all very close to one another. Someone from the Amsterdam region can see all planes in the London and Paris regions so this is why they were able to contact you. Don’t worry, this would never happen on the expert server. It’s just a nimrod fooling around.


Fly expert