Just got reported because a plane was landing while I was taking off

Just got reported because I was taking off and a plane was landing on the same runway which is not used for landing and I got kicked plus there is no atc.

make sure to look at how close an approaching aircraft is to the runway and hold short if it is very close

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Appeal it ATC should of made him go around and cancel takeoff Clerence


Maybe you could Message the controller to find out what’s going on

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I’m presuming if there was no ATC the guy on final was the one that reported you and is apart of IFATC. How many NM was he away when you lined up on the runway?

For level two and up violations, please PM @appeals to hopefully resolve it. Make sure to have a replay

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There were no atc they were just going active and not active

He didn’t line me up I got on the runway and then checked the map for safety then realized a plane was landing so I took of full throttle and plus the runway is only used for takeoffs.

Please contact @appeals for further assistance. 🙂

For those who replied to the thread, it is best to direct members to the appeal inbox. Making assumptions on what happened is not necessarily conducive to resolving the issue.