Just got IF Pro

I would recommend the Santa Barbara area. :D @KSBA

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Don’t feel like that. Go ahead and ask questions, plenty of people in the community will gladly offer support and advice. 🙂

There’s a whole world out there ready to explore… ☺️

Some stunning countries and also landmarks… maybe check out the Eye of Africa, the Alps, take a tour down the Nile or the Amazon or check out Mount Fuji

Keep an eye out for community events too


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Hey, welcome to IF Pro. Great Decision.

A list with beautiful places to discover would probably never really end, as there are tons over tons of them. My Suggestion is to try it out and see.
If I had to name a few of my personal Favourites, try out New Zealand, the Alps (Swiss alps are the best, just saying 😋), the Himalayas, or Islands like the Seychelles, the Bahamas, the Caribbean. South America is also awesome… as I said, lost of awesome places… Try it out…
If you need Help with anything on the Live Servers, feel free to shoot me a PM. and I also can suggest you to have a look at the #ground-school:community-tutorials Page and the Tutorials on Youtube, which will help you on ATC side of things.

Now enjoy, and most importantly, have fun.

Greetings, Leah


Welcome to Pro! I don’t think you’ll regret your decision one bit.

One place that I suggest flying is Alaska! Above 60 degrees latitude, there is no scenery, but it’s still beautiful! You can also check out the panhandle (the thing that borders Canada) and there are loads of amazing 3D mountains there as well.

I also recommend pushing yourself. Do crazy things. Ultra long hauls, overnighters, air shows, and more! The entire world is yours, and you have a choice between so many aircraft.


Than you very much for the places to fly i acutely yesterday i made my first flight on online from Amsterdam to Rome on A cargo MD-11 and i never had so much fum yesterday and i also took another flight from Tokyo to Seoul on a A321ANA


Welcome to the community glad to have you.

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