Just got IF Pro

I just got infinite flight pro after 4 years of just doing solo because I get nervous even on games because I feel like if I do a mistake in an online server of IF I feel like I get judged but yesterday I got it because I’m really tired of just flying in limited spaces and I wanted to see the county that I’m from and state that I live in now I want to ask the community if you guys know places that are beautiful when you are flying i already went to Florida my state and Colombia where I’m from but i want to experience The global word on IF and if you do thank you and i hope I’m not asking for much


The Canadian rockies are really beautiful

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Welcome! You’ll never be able to go back to solo again 😝

Global is amazing. Explore new places! I’m sure we will see you on Expert server in no time! Enjoy ;)

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thank you ill make sure tat i fly their 😊


Welcome to global! We all make mistakes, nobody will judge you for it, as we all learn from our mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, were here to help 🙂 Have fun seeing the world in IF!

The Carribean, Alps, Grand Canyon, Australian outback, the list goes on and on…

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thank you for the advice and its nice being in the IF community every body is so welcoming

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well I saw this and you know what I am going to say… Idaho. especially the sawtooth mountain range pictured below.Idaho in Pictures: 15 Beautiful Places to Photograph | PlanetWare

other places found on this topic.Project Idaho


I will highly advise you to join a Virtual airline or Virtual organization once you reach grade 2-3

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Also you will have a great time with community events like flyouts.

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My suggestions:

Cape Town




Abu Dhabi/Dubai



Hong Kong


Welcome to Global and the IFC.

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Also recommend you to do a trans atlantic crossing JFK to LHR or any city. Also Highly recommend you to reach experts server it has more activity.

The Mediterranean, the Alps, Caribean, and Oceania are nice.
This would be my personal bucket list:

  1. Do a long haul
  2. Fly into Innsbruck - especially the circle-to-land runway 08
  3. Fly into Madeira Funchal
  4. Fly into Paro
  5. Do an ultra long haul (maybe Singapore to Newark)
  6. See if you can find you’re house or at least area. This might be hard in IF but you can try!

Also, everyone makes mistakes. It’s good to make them, you’ll learn from them. There’s a famous saying in aviation:
“A good pilot is always learning”


Welcome to the IFC! I’d personally reccomend the french/swiss alps, and Switzerland in general. I also love flying in the southern sahara area, as well as siberia and south america. I’m sure you’ll have a great time in Infinite Flight, happy flying!

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thank you ill make sure ill join a virtual airline

Ill make sure to fly to Idaho’s saw tooth mountain

California and KSTS are beautiful at 30,000 feet

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thanks for the advise on where to fly ill love to see the french and Swiss alps

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i have not thought of trying to find where i live on IF that is really useful information that you gave me thank you


What a great and marvelous you have done after four years…just enjoy it.

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I’d go for and have a look at saba both takeoff and landing. Could try doing a small flight from saint maarten to saba itself. Recommend a Cessna 208 enjoy!

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