Just got IF Pro year not month this time

last month I got IF pro on September 1/2020 and I was able to get grade 3 in just 21 days but my Pro ended today and I got IF pro again but for this time a whole year so ima ask this question again but what should I do with IF pro for a whole year

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Hey Andres!

If you are asking for ideas I suggest you join IFATC, IFAET, or a VA all of which are awesome suggestions. PM me if you want any help on picking which one is best for you!


Strive for grade 4, maybe even grade 5.
Fly every aircraft
Fly to IFATC controlled airports, not just the hubs ;)
Find an approach that is difficult or fun to fly

The list goes on and on 🙂


Hey @Andres_Camargo, might be a little late but just in case you may have some confusion on how to go about joining/doing the things listed above, I thought I’d elaborate on everyone’s answers a bit to make things as easy as possible for you.

Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control

Here is the link to the IFATC Recruiting page, if you choose to go in that direction. I highly recommend this one, super fun and awesome community of like minded individuals that enjoy the air traffic control aspect of the simulator.

Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Infinite Flight Airport Editing

Another great suggestion! If you decide that editing any airport in Infinite Flight imaginable, then this may interest you. All you’ll need to do to join the team is send a direct message to @airportediting . Please include the following information in your message:

• Your Name
• Your Email Address
• Your GitHub Username (If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here )

For more information on this topic, please visit the official Airport Editing Topic found here :

Infinite Flight Airport Editing

Virtual Airlines

The pride and joy of Infinite Flight’s community, Virtual Airlines. I also highly suggest this option, as I’ve found many amazing people throughout my experience with VAs. Through these VAs, you can meet other people that share the same love for an airline as you, love flying the same routes as you, and the likeliness of making friends is almost inevitable as long as you express yourself and show common interests with others.

Feel free to roam the #live:va category and look at all the amazing threads of your favorite airlines. Within these threads, they’ll explain and show everything you need to do in order to join.

Fun/Difficult Approaches and Airports

Plenty of IFC topics have been made on this discussion, so I’ll save myself the hassle of explaining, and let you figure this one out on your own with me pointing you in the right direction. Here are some topics that cover this :

Anybody recommend a cool airport to visit?

Most Difficult approach

I would like to fly a difficult terrain approach

In all three of these topics, there is very good discussions about difficult/fun/challenging approaches and terrain airports, I suggest giving them a look and see if you’d like to try any.

And with all of that, I’d like to leave you with this.

Infinite Flight is what you make it. - If you decide to get involved with as many communities, events, and activities, you may find yourself nearly addicted… or maybe that’s just me, haha.

On a serious note though, just have fun with it. There are endless things you can do to keep yourself entertained with Infinite Flight, so go out onto those servers and have. fun.


Trust me, a year goes fast by simply flying!

I have bought the IF Pro Year sub 2 times now, buying it a third time this year (this month actually) and I’ve never joined a VA, IFATC or anything like that.

Time flies when your flying!

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