Just got ghosted

I was flying out of MCO, rushing to escort my friend who had taken off a few minutes before me. I was at 5000 at 300 knots, which wasn’t too insane. I’ve seen people go to 800 knots right after takeoff in a busy controlled airspace. So I’m flying along, and I’m catching up. I reduce my speed to 280, and then I got ghosted. For excessive speeds.
I am upset by this because
1: 300 is not a lot compared to some 500’s I’ve seen in the expert server. And it’s not much more then the 250 limit.
2: I received no speed warnings. No “do not exceed 200 knots” or something like that.
3: I was ghosted by a frequency I wasn’t even on. Tower switched me to approach, and then ghosted me.
My conclusion is this. The airport was empty due to that day’s ATC theme being Canada and west jet. Tower got board, decided to look around, saw that I was going 300, and thought he’d report me.

PM @anon66442947 as he was your controller

look at your replay, doing in excess of 500 kts


Thanks, I’ll talk to him.

Please contact Tom, who already replied, above.