Just got downgraded to 1 while not even in game.

So last time I was flying I was grade 3. I didn’t enter into the game for about an hour and now I’m at grade 1. I’m not sure how i have those violations because I did not overspeed during climb or descent and I was cruising at .8m. Somehow though I’m not even grade 2.

Thats very unlikely, its a 0.1% chance.

I guess it’s likely that you received multiple violations (In this case, 6 violations) on your latest flight. Even though that your status still showed that you were a Grade 3 (The status takes awhile to update user datas)

Unfortunately, violations can’t be removed unlike Ghostings. As Violations aren’t subjective unlike ghostings. For more information, it’s recommended to have a look on a thread linked below. I hope this helps


He passed the maximum 5 violation requirement for Grade 2. He did 6 violations in 1 day according to the chart. Tomorrow he will be Grade 2.

I’d say this as well. You might have collected a few violations unknowingly on top of that.

It happens once in a while you know ;)

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