Just got 6 plane models!

Hey all
I just got 6 plane models


Wow you’re lucky! I only have one…

I luv the Qatar a380 model plane

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I got the AF1 for Xmas, but I don’t have a single A380…

Got a broken Emirates A380 from GeminiJets. Hope to get a Singapore one instead.

I only have 1 model airplane, but it’s great quality and I’m buying more very soon!

I used to have 10 … But I broke them because I landed them so hard 😂 … Until I found infinite flight … Now I have 2 that are in good shape and 1 that’s getting fixed!

You lucky duck! ^_^

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Where did you get this from?

I have the BA A380 aswell!

My full plane model list:

US Airways 757
American Airlines 737
Delta Air Lines 767
Generic DC-10
Southwest 737

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From China , 200$ per each
All are gifts

WOW! So expensive! I got my other models for $30

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