Just found a working hanger, do your magic IFC…

Just found in Amman (OJAI) a hanger that you can park in, im pretty sure you know exactly what i did……

Alright IFC, your turn! Let’s see what planes we can successfully fly through it!




Would love to see the replays for this ahahahha

It really wasn’t that hard; it only took me three tries. I’m not saying it’s easy but it definitely takes quite a bit of precision flying to pull it off

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i feel like this topic will randomly blow up

I can not tell if you clipped the tail here or not

definitely did

Theres one in Geneva too that you can even spawn in to

If you want hangers you can spawn into, you should check out Shek Kong (VHSK), quite a few there

I see that tail clipping the top 👀

I did. I also found that the A380 sitting on it’s belly without the landing gear makes it the exact height of the hangar. It’s impossible to fit it in there while flying, because in order to fit, it has to be on it’s belly

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Well thats what were here to find out, lets see whats the biggest plane that can pass!

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Nice activity

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