Just for fun!

Approaching Palm Springs apt, I was instructed from the ATC approach controller (Expert Server ATC) to “Hold present position at 5000 ft”.
Of course I knew that at 5000 ft I would end up against the mountains, but I wanted to see if the controller would have noticed the error committed, and I request again the approach for RWY 31L. Unfortunately for him I received the same instruction: “Hold present position at 5000 ft”. So, I wanted to try what it feels like to finish against the mountains for one time in my virtual life (even if the separation from the obstacle is under pilot responsibility).
Anyway, all passengers and crew member are safe :)))
I have many more funny episodes (w screenshot), but it’s enough for today.
See you on the next episode


Interesting , i would maybe speak to a IFATC supervisor about this …

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You should have said unable. Even on expert, if they vector you into a mountain, you shouldn’t do it.

Interesting though.


Holds don’t show up on the controller’s screen, so to give him the benefit of the doubt he didn’t know how it was oriented or how long the legs were. Regardless, it shouldn’t happen and we as IFATC will chat about how to prevent it in the future.


Thanks for not posting the ATC involved as this was just his 2 nd day ever working approach. As KPSP is one of the more difficult approaches to work. He stepped up to attempt handle traffic during FNF. He got in a little over his head for sure and has been removed temporarily and is being retrained.


Yesterday during the Friday Night Flight on Expert, I was vectored by approach to maintain 3,000 feet the entire flight, through the mountains. Let’s just say I had to ignore the instructions for a short time in order to save my passengers.

(Look at AGL)
I’m not blaming any IFATC, they were extremely busy and had a lot of nonsense pilots talking to them. I kind of enjoyed the challenge to be honest. ;)


As @anon66442947 said, the controller was swamped and is receiving extra training. He bravely attempted to assist with traffic, but he was a little out of his league. He’ll be in shape in no time!


Absolutely. I’m not blaming him at all. As I said, they were extremely busy, and even most experienced IFATC would struggle to manage things.


"Do not exceed 200 knots"
Holding 203 knots. Such a rebel


While I appreciate the concerns for the controller being restrained by IFATC, I would like to offer that particular controller my thanks in his stepping up to control. I also had those instances where I stepped up during busy traffic moments to control where I was grossly underprepared. Kudos to whoever he was (never flew during FNF) for taking the challenge. Yes he may have had some issues and killed a couple of people and causes havoc amongst inbound flights, but he tired and that’s what matters. I’d be happy moored to be controlled by so,done like him. (Now don’t jump on me and say "sure well let you be controlled by all the not so great controllers now to let you feel it) I have had my share of being vectored into the ground on expert. However, the point I’m making is he was a newer controller and even knowing the daunting task ahead, he still tried to make our flights better. So if you read this, controller, thank you for trying.


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