Just For Fun - Please Share Airplane Jokes

Hi guys! Just for fun thought I’d try to make some people laugh today, by creating a place where people can share their best and worst airplane puns and jokes

—Did you hear about the pilot who always had work? He was great at landing a job.

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If you are talking about real life this should be in #real-world-aviation

I like it even it it is in the wrong place. Love the idea got my thumbs up👍

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Ahh I apologize. One of those things where it’s hard to tell where it goes. I’ll definitely repost when a moderator closes this one. Thanks for your support

This should go in #real-world-aviation. I’d change it if I was a regular…

Made me smile 😄

Dont try making airplane jokes. They will fly right over your head.


Only Chuck Norris can land on runway 37 😏😏

If you’re taxiing slower than American, turn off the parking brake.
If you’re taxiing faster than Southwest, rotate.

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Moderators won’t close it but they would change the category this is in, regulars can also do that.

🤔😐 I do not understand how this topic contributes to the functioning of this forum .

It’s a little bit of humour. I don’t see how your post contributes to this topic 🤷

Whats the difference between a jet engine and a flight attendant?

At the end of the flight the jet engine stops whining!

Haha. Banter 😅


yeah ok humor if you say so.

I’m putting that in r/murderedbywords 🤣🤣🤣