Just fooling around with the new logo and a livery

You should try adding the new logo/livery to this bird ;)


Ah, the Dreamliner! 😉


You can cut shapes out of other shapes.

The first one is PERFECT! I would get rid of the FDS on the engine! :)

Nice man! :)

She’s stunning! 😍

First one with logo engines is PERFECT :)

Nice one @Jan_Polet

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I like!the current livery are very vintage…time to change it!!

The logo has to be horizontal.
So, no rotating to fill the entire tail section.

Instead of repeating the logo in many places, maybe simply having it big across the end of the body and keep the tail simple with 1 or 2 color with maybe a curve.

“infinite flight” could also appear on the tail; that part is ok to be rotated.


I think white is a boring color. More color, how better :)

I like that!

Not so keen on this one… little too grey…

The design itself is cool, but pleeaaaase use a different font!

Well done!

Maybe take off the IF in the mid body.

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Yes, better, maybe with “Infinite Flight” aligned with the front edge of the tail. That being said, not even sure the tail needs anything :)



Aweseome Guys !!! ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

Maybe instead of the the grey stopping so soon let it go underneath the aircraft into to the underside.