Just flying

Thought id post a picture from my flight this morning.

Perfect weather to fly!


This should not. But thanks for the for the comment… and flag


Yeah i was looking through that topic and it for the most part focuses on airliners. Thanks for the clarification I was confused there for a minute!

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Some people just post stuff to post I guess. idk. Sure its a window, but there’s a big difference between a picture of someone taking a picture from the cockpit vs the greasy and nasty passenger windows.

You’re all good.

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Even had to vector around some smoke. Burning fields in midwest KS, gotta love it!

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Nice! What route were you flying, or were you just flying around

Went from Salina to Garden City and back.

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I didn’t flag lol, I feel like these topics usually get put on that thread… but thanks for sarcasm

No he thanked you for giving him a post to flag

Either way it was still unappreciated 🤷🏼‍♂️ I just made a mistake

Its hard to tell sarcasm over text but im sure he was being sarcastic about it

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