Just flew for the first time on training server without being prepared

Everything was good and self experience explanatory till I did the takeoff and after that ground speed violation then 2 more GOD knows on what but it could be the rout I took after lifting off the runway and man I am upset about those 3 violations at once. Can someone break it down to me just once. I will never forget it from this day on…HELP!

Ground speed violation, under 10,000ft you shouldn’t go over 250kts airspeed. Above 10,000 the max is 350.


Quote from Mark:
"…Here are a list of the max speeds/altitudes that will generate violations:

Taxi speed: 35 kts GS (Ground Speed)
Below 10,000 ft: 250 KIAS (Knots Indicated Air Speed)
Between 10,000 ft - 27,999 ft: 350 KIAS
FL280 and above: Mach 0.86
There is also another speed restriction in effect that you cannot fly faster than 550 kts GS below FL400. This will lead to being ghosted if you do fly faster than the 550 kts GS."

This outlines them all (I think).


I think this will help.


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