Just finished flight from London to Amman

I only have two photos of my flight yesterday. I was bored and wanted to play IF again but I couldn’t choose, so I put random cities in a generator and it picked London and Amman. So I did the flight but I did not pay attention to how long it was going to be it because I started it at 7:00 pm, and I had school tomorrow but I was able to finish it. When I checked how much fuel I had left, I had put 5 hours when I was at the gate at EGLL, and at the end of the flight, I had 20 minutes left of fuel. If I would’ve made a go-around I would’ve stalled, and crashed. What made it scarier when I noticed I only had 20 min’s of fuel left was that this was all on expert server, but like always I have fun Flying on Infinite flight.


I think this belongs in the #screenshots-and-videos category.

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thank you im still learning the kinks in this community

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done thanks for
the advice

@Infinite_flight_HD I was about to put that here.

ill be putting another topic about screen shots i did a flight to Japan to Vietnam but I’m going to get pics of the flight because I wasn’t alone flying

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I would respond but I’m having a hard time understanding your paragraph

let me edited it

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It’s ok. I was finding the links for the #live forum and the #screenshots-and-videos forum.

I finished editing

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Thank you I understand now

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Hey y’all this is all very off topic and can be done via PM, you dont need to publicly announce that there are a bunch of sentences that need periods.

@Andres_Camargo I love the first shot, very cool with the blood orange moon.


thank you it was my first moon shot and thank you for saying that people don’t need to correct me I’m a shy and timid kid only 15 but I have a lot of mental health issues that prevent me for speaking up, just texting this is hard enough. I’m the only one in my family that loves aviation and know about it in detail but I don’t like to talk with them because I feel like their eyes watching me and watching my movement so I don’t like to talk about IF with them to the point I have developed BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder so like when I talk to them it’s like I’m them or like if I forgot who I am it’s like looking in a mirror but instead of seeing me I see them on the other side I can only be myself when I’m alone or in this community but it hurts me when people even in this community someway or another have to correct me like this should not be “live” it should be “Screen shots and videos”
Sorry for making the comment sad I usually have to deal with my sadness and mental health alone because I don’t want to put pressure on people since they might have problems on their own because I usually face some voices in my head telling me I’m not worth anything or that I’m a failure because my parents do so much for me and they are very smart and graduated with them being top of their class I feel like I have to be like them they try to help but I feel like I’m making them disappointed, I don’t even ask for much or have been asked what I want because I’m just used to being told what to do sometimes I wonder if being a pilot will ever be a good idea for me since on that career path and get A’s but I get scared when I get a get grade of B or C even tho people tell me that’s still good

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