Just entered a runway accidentally

Good morning from Cyprus island fellow pilots. I have something in my mind that I would like to share with you. I was performing a flight from KPHX to KLAX on the expert server just a few minutes ago and while I was taxiing I accidentally entered a runway which I mistook for a taxiway. The controller told me “American 165 please follow instructions or you will be reported” - of course I don’t blame that lad as he could not read my mind and he was obviously afraid of me taking off without clearance. What I would like to ask you, is there any way for Infinite Flight members to chat with each other ? I would be very glad if this is possible as I could…how to say…talk to him in a sort of “pilot-controller” way of conversation, just like they do in real life. Would be really nice if I (as a pilot) could talk to the specific controller who was present at that time for an apology and to explain to him/her what happened…e.g. “Sorry man, I wasn’t going to take off but I just accidentally mistook a runway for a taxiway” ☺. And another thing that I would really like to know is: if I get a violation for something that I do/did by accident (an involuntary mistake), what can be done ? Is there also any sort of chat to sort it out ? Thanks a lot and safe flights ☺


Hey! Any chance you know the username of the controller? You can send them a PM on the forum here.


If they are in the forum, that is.

He said that he was on expert so they have to be on the forum


:0 didn’t know that

Hi there! Messaging other users in-game is not a feature Infinite Flight currently has. However, you can vote for it here:

Regarding this, you can contact the controller who issued you the violation by following these steps:

  1. Check your logbook for the controller’s Infinite Flight display name

  2. Use the IFATC Directory to find their forum username

  3. Search them up and send them a PM

If you wish to reverse a level 2 or 3 violation, feel free to contact @appeals. More information can be found here.


If you can find the controller’s username, just send them a PM on the IFC to explain the situation to them. If you received a level 2+ violation, please contact @appeals. Follow the instructions there to submit a violation appeal.

Thank you all for your replies. Does anyone happen to know where to search and how to find these usernames and members ?

If you are issued a violation, you will be able to see the controller’s display name in your logbook. Otherwise, you’ll have to note the name while flying.

From there, you can use the IFATC Directory to find their forum name.

Please note that upon v20.2 (next update), all display names will match forum names. Specifics can be found here.

Using the IFATC Directory

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 11.11.27 PM

Red – Type the controller’s display name.
Purple – The display name will be shown here. Confirm you are looking at the correct controller.
Black – Click the link to be directed to the controller’s forum profile. Then, click “Message”.

In your case, if you let me know what time this occurred, I can take a look at who was controlling. Or, if you have their in-game name, that would be even better!


Just did a little bit of digging and it looks like @Oskapew was your controller. You can message them using this link.

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I see what happened, I’ve yet to find this in my replay but I believe I remember what happened. All’s well! It was dark at the time and I don’t think you caused much of a problem.

Safe flights,

P.S. Any idea what time UTC this was?

It was about 2 hours befor now. I think his name was something like Ramiz K or something like that - I saw his name on the airport info while I was flying at cruise

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Ah, I apologize. Your controller was @Ramzi_Khairan. You can message them using this link.

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hey i remember you, u entered runway 26 and i thought u wanna takeoff si so i gave u PFIR. even tho u want to crossing runway, u should request it first before doing it. uf im not mistake there is aircraft on final when u entered the runway. so i give u PFIR

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if you want to talk with me feel free to pm me😃☺️

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Yes he was the one. Thank you very much. I just texed him

Happy to help and very glad to hear that you’ve sorted everything out.

I’m very impressed with your motivation to learn from your mistake – very few pilots go out of their way to message controllers, whether it be to express gratitude, apologize, inquire, etc.


@Ramzi_Khairan Thank you very much. I have just sent you a message on your profile. I know crossing the runway was wrong. I just entered the next taxiway to get off the runway which I mistook for a taxiway. If you read my message on your profile you will understand. Thank you, good day, American 165 ☺☺

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