Just earned "Empathetic"


Hello Communtiy!
Just finished my morning and checked out IFC, and found out that I just reached my first Golden Badge! I was working for this hardly for quite some time! 😀

I guess I’ll continue helping and using IFC for the time being.


Congrats, Congrats! You deserve it. I’ve seen that you do a lot of great work out there and we are all happy that you are a part of IFC and is out there to assist as many as possible with constructive and productive posts that are relevant to the topic and helpful to further a discussion or solve a issue :)

Keep doing what you do and you’ll see that people will appreciate your hard work here on the forum. And one day you may even reach… TL3 ;)


Thanks man, I appreciate it a lot. I will try my best to reach my further achievements… And, the other Golden badges… 🙂


Congrats on getting your first badge!


Congrats, Mr. Kuba! 😉

Like others have said, you do a lot to help out on this forum, and almost every topic I head to, you’ve already posted. I hope to see you strive for more achievements in this community. 🎉

Wait a second, is today April Fo- Jk, congrats.

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Congratulations! You deserve it :) I see you lots of times helping others.

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Fully deserved, you are a nice guy

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Thank you so much guys! You make my day!
Just got it a little more late because of a school trip recently. ❤️👍

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