Just downloaded the app. Brand New


Just downloaded the app. Looking to join ATC. Please let me know where I can start



Hello and Welcome to the community! :)
When you download Infinite Flight for the first time, You should buy The Live Subscription to access the Multiplayer feature (You can buy the Subscription via Infinite Flight website or by clicking the “Air Traffic Controller” button with long in via Facebook/Google+). After that, You can access the ATC to enjoy your very first ATC experience (You can only control at Training Server 1, If you want to control on Expert Server, You have to join IFATC)

If you want to flying with other Infinite Flight users around the world, You can click the “Fly Online” button and set your desired region and aircraft. Then you can click fly to start your experience.

For more infos to begin your ATC Experience, you can click here and also here for informations about Ground Frequency and make sure you read many #tutorials to start the simulator ;)

I hope you can enjoy this amazing simulator, Thanks :)
PS : Like @Joshua_Fleming said, You can’t control in the Solo Mode ;)



Welcome to the community firstly.

I recommend spending a few weeks to fully immerse yourself with the ATC interface and procedures used within Infinite Flight, then if you’re good enough and feel ready then move onto IFATC so you can control on the expert server.

FYI- You cannot do ATC on solo mode thus a live subscription is needed if you wish to do ATC…


Hello and welcome!

After reading the above information and acting upon it give this thread a read it gives you everything you need to know to be able to control on the expert server.


Welcome to the forum team. Glad to have you aboard, any questions feel free to private message me. Good luck…


Completing my first comment, There are some tutorials that might interested you about ATC procedures when you are controlling an aircraft and if you wanted to flying multiplayer with other players :


On a side note, if you’re wanting ATC/Multiplayer, buy Live+. All aircraft/regions/multiplayer for an entire year.

Hey, what’s up. First off, go with Live+, you’ll regret it if you don’t. Next, do tons of touch and goes to earn XP. I suggest using the casual server because if you go on Training Server 1 (TS1), you will rack up violations quickly and that can hurt you in the long run. After you reach Grade 3, practice with the scouts and contact a recruiter. If you have any questions, we’ve got the answers.

MaxSez: Welcome aboard!

When starting out on IF it’s not unusual to be overwhelmed, suffer a lack of confidence and just feel stupid!
As experience grow, self confidence is restored…but after a short time amassing numbers you; think you know it all, seen it all, then feeling froggy you post on the Forum for the first time and realize your original reaction is still relevant, Good Luck

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