Just don't reply "What the first person said," or etc.

I have seen this more and more and it’s getting out of hand. A while ago, a support topic and it’s solved but people kept saying a solution or saying “What 2nd person said”. I had asked the first person saying, no need to reply “What the first person said.” The second person say it the same and it’s getting out of hand. That is not a good set of being a good member. The best way is make sure that there is no one has solved it yet. Asking your self your; Is there any user had posted this same answer or a solution? If so, just don’t do it and it will reduce of clutter in the thread.

I will summarize this.

Relying a solution to a topic that is been solved or saying “What the person above said.” This is example of not being a good community member. Ask yourself a question, is it already solved or it is duplicate or is that a good or bad post? If so, don’t do it.


I agree. I see this all too much, whether it be support or non-support. I get it, we all have the desire to be helpful and prove ourselves, and that’s great! But sometimes, the best way to help out is not replying at all. That way, the OP won’t have to constantly read over the same thing. If a correction needs to be made, do it in a Private Message.

Thanks for the post Gabe. :)


Yeah, what aviationex_91190 said!

Hahahaha!! Get it???

All kidding aside, very important topic Gabe.


Thank you very much for pointing this out!They know who they are, thats why some of them didnt reply


I agree. People just want to get the solution, or the yellow box the mods sometimes do. If someone it already replying let them go, then say what you will if It differs. Especially if you’re going to copy and paste something, the curent way with people spamming the first few replies kinda means you either have to do that or you can’t post, since it’s already been said, and I’d be willing to bet that people get lower quality responses because of that…


You know what they do:
They say “hmmm…this person gets alot of good comments from mods” so they’ll go ahead and copy what they say or say the same thing in there own words and it is obvious, but luckily the mods dont acknowledge it.


Yep, the most common replies I saw in any support topic is to “reinstall IF”. This has been asked a lot recently, in which also included the same reply twice in a single topic. People should start reading and try summarising the problem they give, instead of just throwing out random guesses.


I agree to take care of each one of your problems and let those who are responsible do their work.

Does this apply to airport reviews as well? It would save so much time to write “What [insert airport here] was rejected for”.

The thoughtfulness of your topic shows in other places as well, and I commend you for it.


Thanks @Ryan

What you said mostly right about support section. Ppl tent to say reinstall app like (call centre asking you to reset router). Thats been said it’s community site, sometimes it might luck professional feels to it but the result is what matters. I’m in no way saying professional doesn’t counts. If thread side tracks, mod take care of them.

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And this…


I have been a massive victim of this hahaha especially with those people who say “reinstall IF” but I usually ignore them… but hey what can you do…

Hey there, can you elaborate on this more, please?

Ill dm you

Good point @Marc. This does have more information than this one.

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This one could be outdated though. Just a thought 🤷‍♂️

I think this should be seen better so we can all help each other better.

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