Just did EGLL-KJFK with A321

How much fuel did you have to spare?!

Very nice!

A week ago I did EDI-JFK on a American A321 too. I think more routes could be opened using narrowbodys from the east coast of the USA to the western Europe.

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Those short-medium haul aircraft are very capable of crossing the Atlantic. WestJet use the 737 for their Halifax-London route too.

Yeah, I doubt they will get many sales but we’ll wait and see. You never know what the airlines are planning.

If you can than probably Jetblue will establish their routes from KJFK to anywhere in Europe with their a321LR.

Yeah I kept a 737-800 in the air for 9 hours…and it still had 25% fuel left

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Air Canada also operates with an A319 to London from CYYT I believe, and WestJet operated with a 738 across the Atlantic before too.

I heard Bombardier was pushing the CS300 on BA because it could make EGLC-KJFK nonstop instead of the aging 318 which has to top off in Shannon.