Just did EGLL-KJFK with A321

A321 has a amazing range


It can IRL too I think. In IF most of the narrow body wing mounted jets can cross the atlantic one way or another

British flies their Business Class only A318 from EGLC to KJFK (with a stop in Shannon for weight constraints), but it technically can reach nonstop. Quite amazing!


The 318 goes from London to JFK.

The only reason it stops in Shannon is that it can’t lift the fuel load required out of London City airport therefore has to refuel at Shannon. The big advantage for the passengers is that they can clear US customs whilst waiting for the aircraft to be refuelled and arrive in JFK as domestic passengers!


Pretty awesome,
And you landed with 28% fuel left, plenty more to reach any destinations in America.


Yeah, it can still fly about 2 hours. Pretty sure it can land in Detroit.

I will try Pacific later.

It can do this in really life however it wouldn’t be economical for airlines so they don’t do it. That’s why Airbus recently bought the A321LR our so it would become economical but I still doubt many airlines will use it for that purpose

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It costs an absolute fortune to travel on the a318 to jfk

Only because it is all business. There is no economy service to use as a comparison to larger aircraft.


It’s 32 Business class seats. It’s always full though, it seems that way at least. Very convenient for many travelers.

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Because it’s a niche service predominantly set up for 2 corporate banking clients.

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More or less same price as the BA business flights from LHR to NYC.

It’s 8 rows of 2x2 so 32 seats.

It is not always full of late and that is one of the reasons it has been reduced from 2 rotations a day to 1. My flights on it last year westbound were half full at best. Looking at this week (admittedly non-peak season) BA are still willing to sell at least 9 seats every day and the seat maps look around 40-50% full.

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What was ur load when u took off? :D

Some planes have impressive range. I’ve done KDEN to EGKK in an A319

75% load, with a full fuel tank and 100 passengers.

Yeah, only BA use it to cross Atlantic. I don’t think A321LR gonna sells more than the latest A321neoACF

Realistically possible, BA operate A320 services along that route, Air Canada regularly fly to Heathrow from St Johns.

Treu I flew a 737-700 BBJ from EHAM to KJFK

Air Canada flies an A319 between St. Johns, Canada and London Heathrow as well. However, it seems like it was replaced by the 767 recently.

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