Just Crashed (ft. self deleting replay)

Hey all,

I was just beginning a flight from Houston to Manchester in the A350, I had climbed up to around FL300 before I stepped out to grab some toast. I was set to climb to FL400 at M0.80, with my V/S set at 1600 ft/m. When I came back, I saw I had crashed, and so went to check the replay, where it seemed that everything was fine until I reached FL400; speed looked to be such that I should not have stalled, and I was levelling out. Then the aircraft started to sway, gradually from side to side at first, then it began to pick up momentum violently swaying right to left, and banking hard. At some point it must have lost altitude, which led it to pitch up, which caused the airspeed to drop, leading to a stall, and the untimely demise of my poor passengers, with me picking up 2 violations on the way down.

As we all know, a video of what happened would be ideal, however, for some reason when I tried to export the replay, infinite flight itself crashed, deleting the replay in the process.

I’m just curious as to why this happened, as it is my first time flying the A350, and the person who I was flying with was and is totally fine, with a slightly steeper descent rate. If you need any more info I’ll be more than happy to oblige.


Hey mate,

This would usually mean that you are too heavy for the altitude that you are at, which can cause the swaying motion of the aircraft side to side, which leads to the autopilot disconnecting and the stall/crash occurring.

I recommend taking a look at this topic linked below as it should help you out:

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That makes sense, I think I had something like 80% load. Normally a short hauler, thought I’d dip my toes into the long haul scene. I’ll bear that in mind for the next time - cheers!

No worries mate, glad this helped!

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