Just confused, what is auto coordination for?

Is there a button that pops up or something?

Auto-coordination is simply a setting that allows you to couple the ailerons and rudder. Meaning, if you move 1, the other one will move too.

I highly suggest you disable this feature, as it makes crosswind takeoffs/landings more difficult.


then does it do anything useful?

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In my opinion, it’s not very useful. I keep it disabled all the time.

The only “real” benefit is, when you tilt your device left or right, you will be able to change direction in the ground as well.

I don’t find that very useful as you can just move the rudder instead.


got it! thanks!

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In other words, it takes all of the realism away and makes controls like those crappy plane games from 2012 that the only update of the year is a name change to reflect the current year.

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got it! nice humor

It’s interesting to experiment with auto coordination on. I was just checking out 28kt crosswind take offs and landings in a 737-800 with it on. And I could manage it ok.

You can’t apply cross controlled aileron into the wind when in contact with the ground, but I could get away with having that unavailable.

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