Just Another Day

A sudden influx of replies? Multiple flags? Scary.
And I understand your mistake @Qantas094, autocorrect gets the best of us.

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Ah understandable, happens to the best of us

It sure does.

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We’ve gone off the road, in the wrong mode so let’s get back on track here

This Alaska airlines a320 is starting to become one, possibly my favourite A320 livery, yet I have never seen it irl

@SebastianVettel enough with the flags please and thanks 😀

What’s a flag

It’s used to signal moderator attention, so that a post or topic should be removed

It’s the little flag icon, if someone makes an inappropriate or multiple off topic posts, you can flag it.

We just got 5 notifications that you flagged 5 comments from other community users. It’s not necessary at this point and the original topic is getting derailed. Like the original post and add one comment then move on.


Thank you @Levet, this was getting out of hand.

Great pictures!

Thanks @Cheryl_Tunt!

I do prefer my first rain edit though, it’s the original, and I like it.

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I agree I think the original was the best.

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