Just Another Day


So I’m back, with another rain photo! Seen as I unexpectedly started a popular trend, and I enjoy making these rain photos, I’ll make another! So today, I bring you an Alaska A320 at Juneau Airport, Alaska airlines aircraft seem to look the best in the rain— in my opinion at least. So, the town of Juneau, AK has more rainy days than sunny days, (ask people who have been there, or google it). So the capitol city of Alaska was the perfect place to shoot this rainy photo, it’s just another day there. Let’s see it!

So, here’s the terminal view of my A320 after it arrived from Seattle.

Pixlr was again used for this amazing edit. Feedback is accepted and I hope you enjoyed this photo edit. Have a great day!


Wow! Lovely rain edit from the original creator!

Thank you for the compliment, and being called the “original creator.”

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I have to say, Rain shots are Amazing! Great photo!

Thank you @Eddie_D!

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No problem! :)

Wow, amazing shots and editing !

Thank you @Connor4477!
I’m out of likes though.

I predict this trend will end in October

Me too, not that far away. By the way, do you and Scandinavian have the same profile photo?

It’s the new Memoji thing for iOS 13

It’s a trend called the Memoji

Okay sorry

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It’s fine, now you know.

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Well that’s your regular gone

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Didn’t mean it to be rude

It’s fine, you weren’t that rude.

Okay thank you, I’m still understanding everything

He meant shots but you know, the i and o next to each other

I assume you already knew that

I hate autocorrect, I didn’t even mean to type that it was supposed to be shots.