Just Another Day at the Office

Although I love flying in the Global world of Infinite Flight, in the real world, I work in law enforcement. Today, I was called to a suspicious incident at the local GA airport. Upon arrival, I made contact with two corporate pilots. A few minutes before my arrival, they were preparing a Beechcraft King Air 350i for takeoff. The door was shut and locked, and both engines were running. As they were going through the pre-flight checklist, an unknown subject pulled up on a golf cart, parking directly in front of the aircraft. He was visibly upset and waving his arms. What happened next left me scratching my head. The subject exited the golf cart and proceeded to the rear of the aircraft. The first officer advised that he detected a change in the cabin pressure, and heard an indicator warning that that door was being unlocked. He then left the cockpit in an attempt to keep the subject from gaining access to the aircraft. After a brief struggle, the door was successfully re-secured, and the subject left the area. Further investigation revealed that the subject worked for airport maintenance. It is still unclear why the subject acted this way, but the captain advised that “impeding the progress of an aircraft”, and “the unauthorized breach of an aircraft” are FAA violations. The incident will be investigated on a local and federal level. (The photo is mine.)


Hmmm that’s strange very strange

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Maybe he had some goodies hidden in the plane?


So the aircraft sqwaked 7500 on the ground basically… Sounds nice.


This sounds like Florida…


You would be correct! SoFlo in all of its glory!

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Interesting story. Yet again, people fail to realize the severity of FAA violations. This isn’t your standard motor vehicle violation. This is a government entity that they’re messing with. Beautiful looking plane too may I add. 😍 Wheels up and NetJets in the same photo. Love it!

@KPIT Two tail number registrations you can look up from this photo. Both have 1 airport in common which happens to be KAPF (Naples)


I fail to realize the severity of an FAA violation because I never got one :)


Also aren’t you not supposed to be that close to a plane with engines going, especially props? And then to do what ever he did to the plane…

I figured on a serious level that it was Florida, from the user name, but I meant sounds like Florida in the sense that (not to offend anyone from florda) weird stuf happens there. Like people drive on the street on golf karts, and depressuriz airplanes

I’m from Fort Lauderdale. No offense taken. It’s a “different breed” down here. Some things are ridiculously funny, others, downright idiotic… Like @W4RRI0R said, just another day at the office…


Just went to lauderdale last week, nice place, am I mistaken in my memorie that golf karts had licence palates? But this is off topic…

If it’s driven on the roadway, it has to have a valid registration, seatbelts, working lights and signals. You see it all down here.

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And not sure if this was added but messing with an aircraft in any places of flight or messing with an aircraft from an unathorized person is a federal offense.

Glad we have law enforcement to admire the situation and take action! The subject would still be unclear as to his actions towards the aircraft if I am correct? … Glad to know that our pilots can also take action if there is a threat inbound towards their aircraft

Is it Airplane Repo? lol


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