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Just earlier today I packed full fuel then accidentally clicked it to empty it when I exited out that’s an example luckily I noticed

If you accidentally packed barely any fuel, you should return to the airport or divert.

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You’ve already got your answer. There’s a third party website i’ve linked above. Feel free to wait till you get to TL2 to post in #features


And how would the controller know?

Right… They wouldn’t.

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The reason for this is quite simple;

If you can’t even top up enough fuel to last 1 hour, that’s a different kind of issue and you should probably spend a bit more time on planning your flight.


So you just don’t keep an eye on your fuel during flight? These are critical factors to make note of for the sake of the safety of your aircraft…


https://fpltoif.com/ Best website for flight planning my friend. Utilize it.


You could always exit the flight.

But always pay attention to the amount of fuel you have, accidents happen, but always check your fuel before your flight.

It can look like you have enough when you start, then you’re at 5% fuel 20nm away from the localizer.

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When that happens, maximize your available fuel and when you run out, glide the best you can.

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5% is more then enough, honestly this is an “Argument” of simple facts. You don’t spend enough time planning your flight and make simple mistakes. Many of us have given you a proper website, and told you to spend more time to plan your flight. Should’ve been the end of discussion…


Ok. How would your controller know you’re out of fuel??

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You announce emergency fuel. It will say “0 minutes remaining” if you’re out.


If it’s less than 60 minutes?

Right, that the argument I was trying to make.

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Normally you would catch it when your under an hour away. And you can glide.

The point is that the time should be decreased from an hour to half an hour

If you’re doing a flight that’s say 8 hours long and you can’t pack enough fuel that’s a big issue… With your flight planning

That is the whole point of this argument