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I still don’t know why the fuel emergency option in game is only available after 60 minutes instead of a little less

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Because? People would do short flights with no fuel just to use it, expecting to cut the landing sequence line. And especially when two airports near each other have atc on expert. If you do a flight less then an hour it’s not hard to pack more fuel.


That’s not a problem

It should be 20 minutes at least or something

There’s a reason it’s not a problem. Because of the current 60 minute ruling. And all that.

It should be at least 30 minutes

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I’m trying to get there

The time should stay at 60 minutes because people will do 31 minute flights to send the emergency and minimum fuel messages.

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Why not just load the proper amount of fuel?



That’s not always easy. What if you load the wrong amount of fuel and you pack a little less than you need, and there is a bunch of people at the airport your about to land at. You need a way to let the controller know that your low on fuel.


I agree…

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If it’s less then an hour flight honestly how hard is it to pack 90-120 minutes of fuel?

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Sometimes you accidentally pack the wrong amount

Uhhhh Then that’s your issue… Have a checklist and follow through. Check fuel. Use third party flight planners. So on and so on.


As a pilot, you should be accounting for things like this, packing diversion fuel, or for extra traffic, etc. That is your responsibility. I’ve used numerous programs to calculate the fuel and have only had to declare an emergency once due to outdated fuel physics on an aircraft…

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Hats not the argument I’m having. I’m responding to @Aceorbit’s post above saying

I just google the flight time on google and the airline website, then, I pack an extra 45 minutes of fuel.

But you should pack more than you think you need, in you think you need 30 minutes of fuel, pack an hour.


That’s not always easy when your doing a nonstop long haul in an A380 and you can only pack as much as you need.

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flptoif works wonders;)