Just Across the Border: Snoman's Flyout Series 4.3 @ CYVR - 211900ZMAR20

Definitely, thanks for coming!

Event is less than a week away!

Hey @snoman can you add a route to Medicine Hat even tho CYVR doesnt service it? I’m a huge fan of the WHL’s Medicine Hat Tigers and would love to fly there, if not, I’ll take the ANA 787-10 to Tokyo-Haneda. Thanks!

Can I have E4 remote

air canada to LAX


@ANAVirtualGroup A sponsoring in the works?

@lyle_weitz you’re signed up! @thenewpilot would you like a GA gate? Or some other gate?

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Actually I’ll fly in from Medicine Hat to CYVR, so I’ll take the ANA 787-10 to RJTT

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Sounds good!

Probably come in a Dash 8, so don’t expect a good landing

Sorry won’t be able to make it

Thanks for letting me know! I took you off

Thanks !!!

I will do this one! Sounds like a very cool idea!


Sure! See you there! Welcome to the community!

I thought it might be cool to use the Thompson 737 as Sunwing or Air Transat? Could be something to think about? If you’re alright with that I could fly something like that

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Sure, would you like to do that instead? If so, what route?

I’m going to look at where they fly to. I’ll send you some options

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Alright, sounds good!

I probably shouldn’t be flying to Europe in a 737…so any of the Canada or Sun destinations would work!

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Is there one you prefer?