Just about old airports

One time in IF, when i am flying in Chicago, I notice Megis Field is still in IF but it should be close and so is Kai Tak but I don’t know if kai tak, please don’t add old airports tho runway keeping is allow

Then just dont mind them and ignore them i bothers me to i just dont care

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Why should they add them

I think it adds a little history to Infinite Flight. If it bothers you ignore it.


So they can allow IF to have history

If they added the concord , would you fly it?

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That’s why their names all have the [X] to tell others that it’s closed. Many others want to fly to these airports, plus you can just fly to open ones to maintain realism.

Concorde please!


Wait, now this is confusing. Infinite Flight is a next generation flight sim. Alright. I see. I can let it through