Just a wow sky... did they add clouds in IF


Nope, that’s just the new 20.2 fog :)


Those aren’t clouds it’s fog they added in 20.2, clouds will come in project metal sometime soon.

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Technically, fog is just clouds on the ground, so I guess you could say Infinite Flight has clouds…


You’re not wrong

Do you like the new fog that got added in 20.2?

I know that I sure love the fog!

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It’s a breathtaking view, especially in mountainous areas around the world! I highly suggest you check them out. You won’t be disappointed

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nice photos btw, I really like IF’s plane models, they’re better than pretty much all mobile FS including Rortos’ RFS ngl, IF has the best cockpits too btw

Can you tell me which route this is i want to explore it

Guys… It’s entirely possible the OP was simply asking a question. The topic wasn’t made in #screenshots-and-videos, and it’s also 5hrs old. Probably best to just leave it to the mods to do with it as they will 🤷


Topic can stay. OP is inquiring about the addition of clouds and not displaying photos that would be found in the #screenshots-and-videos category.

Enjoy flying around in the water vapor! ☁️


Thank you wonderful mod team 😊 @DeerCrusher

A bit late don’t you think

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It’s just more suspense