Just a thanks to IF

IF has come a long way since it was released, and I don’t think us people who use it appreciate it. I mean, they worked their tushes off to add many planes that most flight simulators don’t even have (computer AND mobile), have GLOBAL, an amazing community with so many great people, etc. the possibilities are endless. Not only that, but as time passes, the simulator is getting better exponentially. Live cockpit, new planes, clouds, better scenery , and more. I’ve met so many great people since I’ve got it (bought in 2014, got live in 2017) and I’m proud that I found this sim. Thank you everyone and moderators!


I agree with you!! Thank you for being a part of this wonderful community!!!


Yes, the moderators and developers spend so much time and effort to let us users to have an enjoyable, realistic and fun time in the community and app! They deserve so many thanks and let them know we appreciate them.


Honestly thank everyone. I am yet to stumble across someone who is rude to me LOL


Definitely a wholesome community, without the mods and awesome active developers, IF wouldn’t be where it’s at right now


They need so much more gratitude tbh.

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It’s great how we have a peaceful place to talk about aviation and things.


Definitely. For instance arguments on IFC are more civil, while the rest of the internet… well… we don’t talk about that


I’d definitely agree with this statement. The gratitude for these developers and moderators that we should give would be the same with our mothers because without their app (which is apparently the only good app on the Play store and Apple store) and without their dedicated supporters we wouldn’t be here today :/.

Yes, this is a very civil community which is what we should be proud because we stand out :/.


100% agree, IF deserves a massive thank you for what they have done. Its not your average game you can buy. They put so much work into everything that it makes this game in my opinion the best on the market. Then you have this community where you get to meet new people and discuss your love of aviation. Theres no better feeling then coming in from a long hard days work putting your feet up and doing a few flights with friends on IF 👏👏

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That is so true, there is no better feeling than that hahah

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