Just a taxi

This is me taxiing in London EGLL, leaving for LGTS (Thessaloniki), and back there an aircraft just like mine


Oh I forgot the information

Server : Expert
Flight time : 2:37

Hey there @flyingorange!

I’m just going to remind you that you can only post in #screenshots-and-videos once every 24-hour time period. For example, 10am (your local time) you have to wait till 10am the next day to post.

Just keep that in mind when posting in #screenshots-and-videos. Other than that, great photo and I can’t wait to see more!


Thats a very nice shot!

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Thank you!

Oh I thought it’s that “taxi” or “follow me” car 3D object ground vehicle. It turns out to be a plane taxiing.

Nice photo btw!

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