Just a quick question

I was looking at KASE on ForeFlight and found this:

If this was a controlled airport could I do this.

circled in red is what I’m talking about

I think it would still be best to contact ATC

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You will always need authorization to cross or enter a runway. If the controller allows the crossing, you’re good to do it.


That description is saying that it happens and you should watch out for it, not that you’re allowed to do it.

So no, you can’t. Clearance is required to cross/enter any runway or pass any hold short line leading to a runway.


That’s a hotspot. You’ll find them at lots of airports. A hotspot is where something happens a lot. In aviation though specifically, it’s where something bad happens a lot. Basically, it’s just a marking to make pilots ware that for whatever reason, a mistake is often made at that spot on the field and to advise them to take extreme caution not to do what the HS says happens.


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