Just a quick question

I have a friend and I want t buy him sub (if that’s allowed) so what is the best way to buy him sub other than Visa or paypal

Note: He had sub on IOS and I’m on android



You can buy it for him through apple since he is on IOS. That would be the easiest way :)


Idk how that would be possible @Darkspoul

One thing I could say is get him a gift card.

Edit: Make sure it’s an Apple Gift Card, not the Android since he’s on IOS

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can you get Infinite flight gift card?

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Don’t they only have it for merch, correct me if Im wrong. Idk much about the card which is why.

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that’s what I thought

I’m unsure if an Infinite Flight gift card only applies to merchandise or if it can be used on a subscription, but the best manner of providing a Pro subscription to someone on iOS/iPadOS would be gifting them an Apple gift card for them to use on a subscription.


Literally what I said above 😂 I was just confused on Infinite Flight Gift Card Part.

Infinite Flight branded gift cards are only valid for merch on the Infinite Flight shop (due to how subscriptions are setup on mobile stores)

Our subscriptions are only available through the App Store or Google Play, so as others have mentioned, the best (and only supported) way to do this is to buy one of their gift cards.

Note that they only usually work in the country you purchase them from


the problem with giftcards is that he lives on the other side of the world


A gift card would work as well.

Oh, You should probably try sending the code to him in a gmail. Yeah, that works as well. But you need to know how much it would be equal to match the same amount.

Maybe just tell him “hey, I want to get you an IF sub”, then have him buy it and then pay him.

not easy when he is 8,703 km away

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Just text him on wherever you guys speak and ask him if it would work out.

Alr I tried to be smart and

what if I buy a new sub and transfer the sub to his acc by a staff member help :D?

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I think @Cameron would have to speak about that, but as he said above it might not work out.

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If it were me, I would buy an Apple gift card. However since he is international, the best way would likely be to create a new account on your device, buy the subscription, and send him the login details.

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Staff can’t help you with this. This isn’t something we officially support, only store gift cards right now.

Thanks for the feedback though!

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Alright, thank you all for your suggestions I appreciate it.