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Hello, I just have a quick question and then this can be closed. I’m working toward my IFATC test and was working KSFO tower and ground yesterday around 3-4:30 EST yesterday, was anyone there that could give me feedback? I’m aware I can make a training thread, I just didn’t. And I will next time. Thanks for the feedback!! 🤗

I recommend opening an ATC tracking thread where you can announce when you’re training. It’s highly unlikely that someone has feedback for your yesterdays session. :)


That sounds extremely difficult. Not many users have an IFC account and others may not respond. I suggest you make an ATC Tracking Thread as soon as possible. Try to open smaller airports with 2 runways, so you can test your skills with runway changes and pattern entries. Bets of luck with your IFATC Test!

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No I’m past that point, I’m now heavily working on intersection departures and landings and heavy traffic. 🤗 also, I said in the topic above about the tacking thread.

Generally speaking, that is not something really tested on. As mentioned, many at SFO is not ideal for practice. In addition you will find many do not follow instructions. You need to have pattern work down pat, you will be best served getting some dedicated people with a tracking thread or a trainer once you’ve taken the written test.

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Great to hear you have been practicing your controlling on busier airports. I trust you watched the IFATC training videos on YouTube?

Of you really want feedback on your controlling, an ATC tracking thread is the only way.


Agreed! And yes of course I have! 🤗


I wasn’t there yesterday, but I can give you and others tips for sfo…
1: after the Asiana crash, if there are two aircraft, one on 28L, and one on 1R, you cannot clear the aircraft on 28 until the aircraft departing on 1 passes the intercection of the two runways. Same goes for landings…
2: all 1R departures normally climb to 1000, then once they pass 1000, they turn to Oakland, and fly directly over it.
3: if the wind changes to the 10s and 19s, have departures on the 10s, and any inbound aircraft land on the 19s.
4: no matter what, don’t allow any aircraft to land on the 1s.
5: arrivals from the the north inbound for 28L fly directly over the airport, then teardrop in for the runway.
6: arrivals from the north inbound for 28R can enter a right downwind for the runway.

This should be known by any person who wants to control at SFO…
Correct me if you see anything wrong with the info stated above…


Thanks! I was using 1L for takeoffs and 28L and 28R for landings, there was an approach so I had no say on the vectors in. However I never cleared someone u til after the plane was past the threshold. 🤗 thanks for the tips!

@7405896A you can also book training sessions with a trainer here. They can assist you all the way through and organise the practical when you’re ready.

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Good luck communicating that to IF pilots without approach.

You can say enter left downwind, but have about a 2 percent chance it ends up with a mid-field-cross, teardrop entry.

Anyway all this is fine, but I promise the practical isn’t about how to control a single field.


Of course not, but for SFO, I think all apply.

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