Just a quick question about Global Flight

Er, what is it exactly? It sounds like it’s something that’s going to allow you to fly all around the world, is it adding on to Infinite Flight or is it an entirely new game? I’ve tried to find info online about it with no luck. Thanks!

You can fly around the world, yes. All the countries and their airports are being added. When it’s going to be released? Still and will be unknown.

Fly around the world.

Ooh cool, so is it a new app? Also, is it gonna be on pc too?

We’re not sure if will be in a new app (I doubt it). I’m not sure if in PC, since there is no IF for PC.

Just an update for Infinite Flight and just on mobile for now

Ah okay, either way will be awesome :)

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Online won’t tell you much. I do, however, recommend you read this topic in its entirety to find out most of the information regarding global flight. We don’t know all the details quite yet, but we do know that global will be an amazing addition for infinite flight and will revolutionize the mobile flightsim market.

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Thanks fir the link!

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Just a quick answer
Global = The entire globe 🌎 !


Trust me, we have just as many questions as you do!

It is long overdue for some more update reports.


The entire glob that would be.

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