Just a quick one

Does anyone know the fastest way to get rip of a violation? Thanks

Well, you can’t get rid of them

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Oh Ok thanks

If it’s weekly then I think if u wait the week

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Okay thanks evo

Like violations (7 days) 1.

7 days later:0

I think


Np always here to help a friend

Thank you :)

I believe after one year the violations will be negated from your grade and you won’t see them listed in the app, but they are stored back in a database.

You can’t get rid of them , violations aren’t very bad… they teach you how to obey the rules…
So if you haven’t had many violations you can continue on the same server…
If you have more than an exact number of violations you’ll get expelled from the server for 7 days…

Well, speaking as a person who’s just gone from Grade 4 to Grade 2 thanks to my sister clicking gear down at 36,000ft, halfway across the Atlantic… you can’t.


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