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First off, I will move this if necessary, secondly, I received my iPad today, and plan on doing some long flights to accumulate XP and hours.

A flight I have in mind is, SEA-LHR, however, instead of going eastward, I plan on going westward (towards russia). Has anyone done this? If so how long did the flight take?

Hey there! I did EGLL-CYYZ going eastbound with the 777LR and it Took 25 hours! If you are planning on doing some ULH I would take the 777LR!

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Thank you! This is pretty useful, I was planning on doing the B77L, I just need to get an idea of how long it would take! Thank you again!

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I put full fuel before departing and when I landed at Toronto I still had some fuel left so I could have gone even further


Additionally, don’t forget to step-climb!

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