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So I’m looking to join a VA but I have had a few violations in the past. Is or are there any VAs or VOs that recruit people that will have access in the near future or let Grade 2 players apply. If you could help me with this please do!


Hey PlaneGuy!

While I will not say specific VA’s to avoid advertising, there are some VA’s that accept Grade 2 pilots. The best way to see this is to search the #live:va category and look at each VA/VO thread to see which ones have programs for Grade 2 pilots.

VA’s are so much fun. Being a CEO of one myself, and having been in over 20 during my time at Infinite Flight, they have expanded where I fly and I have met some awesome people.

If you see a VA but are unsure if they would accept you, send a message to the VA account or the CEO with a polite message to ask!


Thank you so much @JarrettFlies!


I’m don’t want to advertise for a specific VA… however I do know of one that accepts grade 2 pilots…

I found a few and have accepted into one I think

Great! Glad to hear. Fly safe.

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