Just a question

Are we aloud to escort staff members. Like in flighters. Because I’ve seen other people do it. Or do formation flights in expert sever.

You’re allowed to but make sure you are remaining professional and not being like a bee swarming around them. That could cause issues but if you remain professional, all good


If they allow. Which I find unlikely. If you go too close to them without their permission they might report you.

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Oh ok I prolly won’t do it but thanks.

I thought so.

If you do, checking in with them never hurts

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You mean like pm them?

Yeah, like that

Ok. I’ll do
That I I ever try to do that.

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I agree that it’s fine to escort other pilots, including staff members.

  • don’t get too close though. One or two NM would be nice.
  • get away from them when they are communicating with ATC.
  • don’t hang around too long.

Basically if you keep a reasonable distance from them it should be ok. Oh and also, be aware that when you enter an ATC controlled airspace, you should separate, unless of course the staff/mod is in and you both have “flight of XX” in your callsigns

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