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Was wondering so I know you MUST Follow the rules for IF for safe flights and so it dosent all get mashed up for other pilots etc but what do you do when your all set for and approach n then ATC tell u a heading altitude etc but dosent tell you a runway… I got really confused n stayed how I wasn got a level 2 violation n I really didn’t k ow what I was meant to do ? :( :/

Follow the heading altitude, they’ll assign you a runway after.


Yes, following ATC instructions is a must on the expert server. Not doing so can lead to violations. If you’d like to avoid the delay of getting vectored by approach, I’d recommend flying into non-controlled airports.


Oh that’s what I got confused about bc I even said 28L San Fran n the heading was completely away from that runway n I’m not good at visual apps so I jus use Autolamd n take it off last second but all rest had grey leads to runway so visuals hence to why I stayed how I was

If you want to use APPR (autoland), you should request an ILS approach, not a visual approach. When cleared for the ILS approach, you can engage APPR.

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From what this sounds like, you were on approach and asked for radar vectors… (correct me if I’m wrong)

In this case, approach will get you into a pattern entry point and send you to tower, tower will then give you a runway entry, sequence and clearance.

If you don’t wish to have this approach, ask for ILS/gps/visual when you contact approach

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That’s what I did n he still headed me away :(

Approach may send you away from the airport to slot you in with existing traffic. Most likely there was an existing traffic pattern due to volume.


ATC can and will suddenly vector you. You may not be expecting it, but they can vector you away at any time for traffic separation.

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