Just a question on the Violation System...

Hi guys!

So about a month ago I was flying on Expert Server at Dubai; then I got a violation for accidentally going past the hold short line. I was told that it would be another week before it was gone; but one day later, I was out on Expert Server again…

I don’t know if there was a glitch or not, but if there is anyone who could know what happened please tell me…

BTW I asked about this making my own thread asking why I was ghosted.
Here: Apparent ghost
I’m just a bit confused on why I didn’t have my full weeks ghosting punishment…
Happy flying!!

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Yes, I’m just a bit confused on why I didn’t have my full weeks punishment…

It wasn’t a violation, it was a ghost. (And it wasn’t for ‘creeping’ past the HS line either…the runway is well past the nose being a tad over.)

It’s not a glitch. Perhaps the mods had mercy on you who knows? You would know, you asked for a reprieve.

But now that we know you’re so concerned, I’ll make sure you get your full due next time you just enter the runway. Without asking.


Mods can close this please

Wait…you would prefer a longer ban?

No! Obviously not. Lol